By now you are aware that I love and collect anything Lily of the Valley and since this is the first week of May and the flower is a treasure coveted in France this week (also in Russia, I might add), I thought it would be appropriate to post a couple of my Lily of the Valley paintings.  Not much verbiage today just pictures…..

imageThis is an oil painting by the English artist Deborah Jones.  It was commissioned by my Mother as a gift for me many, many years ago. We met Ms. Jones when she was making a personal appearance at Marshall Field’s in their Fields Afar Shop which had a magnificent art gallery.  We purchased a large piece from her and Mom asked if she would do a piece especially for me, this is the result.  I wake up to it each morning and it starts my day on a truly beautiful note.

imageHere it is close up….the flower is difficult to capture but I think she did it perfectly.  The Lovebirds add a charming touch.

image A watercolor on wood, a vintage piece again by an English artist.  It is on one of the shelves in my breakfront which I have featured in earlier posts.  I must admit I don’t remember where I got it.


I’m crazy for this piece as it features both my and Mom’s favorites…my LOTV and her violets.  It is a watercolor on a plank of wood.  I got this at an Art Fair.

imageI am so fortunate to have so many wonderful remembrances from my dear friend, Mark Heister, this piece a watercolor he did for a Birthday several years ago, it holds pride of place in the breakfront. The man is beyond talented, no end to his creativity….love, love, love it!!!



  1. Dianne Erpenbach May 4, 2017 / 1:36 pm

    So sweet! Lily of Valley was my Grandmother’s favorite!

  2. Sandy Barkans May 5, 2017 / 5:23 pm


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