In my Introductory post, I mentioned my book obsession…that is particularly true of books on fashion.  They can be monographs, anthologies, novels, history of fashion you get the picture.  In addition, I like to collect DVD’s of fashion personalities, whether they be biographies, documentaries or docudramas (whatever that means!) in other words if the subject is fashion I want it!  I try very hard to put like subjects together for research. For example, all my books on Hollywood costume designers are together.  If there are many books about one designer, let’s say Chanel, they are together some take up more than one shelf.  I think you understand my method.  While I will, of course, talk about my fashion library I will not just focus on that one topic. I follow many book blogs and will give you lists as we go along, please share with me as well.


I know I put this image on my introductory post but wanted to include it again for a couple of reasons.  I did not mention that the lovely pink lady is a watercolor that my Father did in the 1930’s.  He was a watercolorist and also worked in other mediums  (I’ll share my thoughts on my exceptional Father in another post)  I particularly love her and she fits my fashion book shelf theme.

Now why have I chosen to readdress the Chanel shelves…simply because there are over 100 books written about her and this isn’t even touching on Karl Lagerfeld!  I don’t have all of them but it is a very good start….by the way, these two shelves are only the tip of my Chanel collection, I have to rearrange so they are in the same area.

Finally what I wanted to mention is a new Chanel book that I am very excited about and wanted to share with you.

This a marvelous book featuring all manner of previously unpublished work such as letters, photos, memories and is presented in a truly exquisite format. The color photos and archival materials are superb. I am a very fast reader but believe me, this is not a book I want to end  I really wanted to share pages, as well as the cover, but do know that is a no no without permission from the publisher! Anyone interested in Chanel, the history of fashion, fragrance, personal correspondence, and more this is THE book for you. The book is CHANEL The Enigma by Isabelle Fiemeyer published by Flammarion, the ISBN number is 978-2-08-020223-9.  I did get my copy through Amazon  but I am a huge advocate of Independent Book Sellers. My friends tease me that I can’t go pass a book store and not go in and, of course, find something to take home, it doesn’t matter where I am, small town or big city in the States or abroad. That list will come as well.  I do love all the Independent’s blogs.

And so the story of the Nena book obsession begins……

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