Displaying collections can be challenging but more importantly, it can be inspiring, dramatic and decorate. Why not think creatively with items we use daily such as our place settings.  I’m sure most of us have more than one set of china…pieces we use every day, pieces we save (shame on us) for special company, breakfast dishes ( I grew up with Fiestaware as our breakfast dishes) and remember the upcoming Holiday pieces we only bring out once a year…think of all those Turkey platters on the top shelf of the closet! I love to combine high and low….such as my collection of Jadeite plates, bowls, etc. with my sterling flatware, which is quite ornate and perhaps Baccarat stemware using an antique paisley shawl for the cloth…you get the idea.

imageA very moody shot of some of my Jadeite collection on shelving in my minuscule kitchen, every bit of space is used.


Here is the ultimate way to know what you have….hang an example of each plate  on your wall….love it!  How practical and it becomes an art installation…creative and beautiful.

A portion of a friends place setting collection…more have been added since I took this photo. Stunning.

Or your collection can be in a breakfront, baker’s rack, kitchen shelves…why not have it on display so you can enjoy it even when not in use, and most importantly get to it right away. I have put my Chrismas plates away so carefully that I have no idea where they are and they are lovely red and green transferware!

I will be doing an extensive study on English Ironstone in the future…in the meantime here is a peek at one collection (one of many by the owner who collects vintage English Ironstone) on permanent display at a country estate.


Perfect for a Thanksgiving celebration but why not all year round.

Think how to incorporate your everyday items into your home’s decor, it looks wonderful and makes entertaining much more organized.  Just think of me when I’m trying to locate my Christmas place settings…I need to follow my own advice!

All phones are taken with my iPhone.

2 thoughts on “COLLECTIONS

  1. Marcia Buchanan November 6, 2016 / 12:11 pm

    Wonderful blog. I have started using my sterling for everyday and also my mothers things that were left to me. Why leave all those beautiful things just for special occasions .

    • nenasnotes November 6, 2016 / 1:26 pm

      Thanks so much Marcia for subscribing and for your kind comments. I hope you will continue to enjoy NENA’SNOTES.

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