image_538613420344442Viktor & Rolf

image_53861322232845Charles Frederick Worth the Father of Haute Couture.  The first Couturier began in 1858.  The term Haute Couture was coined in 1908 meaning High Fashion and By Hand.

Let’s take a look at this season’s presentations always shown in the current season, Spring in January and Fall in July.  Always amazing, sometimes quirky, always trendsetting, always the laboratory of Fashion….here we go and not in any order of presentations.  There were over 30 houses that showed, lots of the names you know, Chanel, Dior, Valentino, Armani, Margiela, and many new names to watch.  As well as a couple of Fall 2018 ready-to-wear collections from the states, such as Proenza Schouler.

I’ll start with Chanel this time…as always Lagerfeld does not disappoint in his staging,  this time a garden theme and inspired by Mademoiselle herself from a classic Cecil Beaton portrait (dying to see the documentary on him…need to be vigilant in finding when and where it will show…let me know if you know, please!) image_538613176265413image_538613460216972Too magnificent for my words…just enjoy.  You can always view the shows on the designer’s websites or stream them on YouTube…what did we do before technology, don’t even remember.

image_538613199772245The inspiration.

image_538613449638286And 2018’s interpretation…glorious!


image_53861319002956Lots of white and pastels, pale pink, in particular, which was shown in many of the Spring 2018 Shows in the Fall, in the Chanel Collection, along with appliqued flowers embellished with jeweled beading.


image_53861310480742image_53861311509812image_538613087745137image_538613096309979The Dior collection was primarily black and white with a few nude tones and pale pastels here and there.  I thought the black and white pieces were exquisite, very wearable and timeless from the day pieces through the elegance of the evening gowns,  Total red carpet ready.  I also liked the simple one strap gold sandal with all! Another accessory seen in more than one collection…the mask, are we getting ready for another try at a Capote Black and White ball, how exciting!

image_538618217077619image_538622000282254image_538622009792344Valentino does feathers as hats, feathers were everywhere, and the collection had fabulous color combinations and exciting prints.


image_538622746222262Giambattista Valli always the showman who does unbelievably beautiful gowns.

image_538621741956686Jean Paul Gaultier never disappoints, love this androgynous outfit.image_53862175004566I actually found this collection to be quite wearable for him!image_538624001591528image_538624014533993Armani Privé

image_538613069042253Maison Margiela….don’t quite know what this is but perhaps after I study it a bit more I will get its brilliance!  We shall see…….

image_538621983758828Valentino…I thought this was great fun my friend Virginia Heaven hated it!  Such is the debate over Haute Couture!

image_538613428881128Another Viktor & Rolf

So much more to include but I have shown you some of the highlights of what appealed to me…the good, the trends to watch in the upcoming Fall Collections and the strange….On to the major four markets for Fall 2018, can’t wait….let’s see what our little eyes will spy….image_53862493694967




  1. Sheila King January 26, 2018 / 12:29 pm

    Nena, you’re the very best! Thank you for uplifting my morning and stirring my imagination. I now feel as if Spring is actually around the corner.

    • nenasnotes January 26, 2018 / 12:36 pm

      Oh my Sheila what a compliment….thank you so much and thank you for your support of nenasnotes. Lunch soon, please.

  2. Tommy Mantel January 26, 2018 / 2:09 pm

    Thank you for the introduction to this years fashion. I love the photos and your commentary. More please!

    • nenasnotes January 26, 2018 / 2:14 pm

      Thanks Tommy. Glad you enjoyed today’s post. I always appreciate your comments and your continuing support and interest in nenasnotes.

  3. Kristin Noelle Smith January 26, 2018 / 4:09 pm

    Another lovely write up! Heard from my French friends that Karl Lagerfeld’s garden show in person was magnificent! Thank you for the photos.

    • nenasnotes January 26, 2018 / 4:22 pm

      Thanks Kristin. The Chanel set looks divine.

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