I’m still recovering from the overload of a perfect event….the Ralph Lauren 50th Anniversary extraganza.  But let’s move on, there are so many collections to cover and I’m sharing my take on trends as I see them…..(quite frankly RL is in a league all their own).

Lots of pretty wearable clothes (you know I’m a merchant at heart, need to share what can work) but also very forward avant-garde pieces as well. Perhaps if we look beyond the extremes we will find the common ground of trends.  So far I’m seeing a sea of black (my kind of “color”) white, neutrals with red, pink and bold neons, particularly citron.  Let’s see how these early colors translate through the four markets.


0ABB0501-73F7-43D8-8EE7-40F276AAF2BCFashion as political statement….Cynthia Nixon for Governor of New York…she was in the front row

Leopard continues to be one of the prints of choice no matter the season, I particularly like the middle piece mixing leopard with tropical very modern.  Animal prints are the focus of my monthly trend report in the Randolph Street Market September newsletter, I am doing two articles per month that are totally different from my nenasnotes posts! One on classic fashion trends and the other on collectibles. If you want more of me check it out, just saying!!!

35908080-7F68-427C-8CFD-35A7177DD208Citron, staring to see this as a trend in several collections..full leg pant, love it…draped strapless bodice, good combination of color, fresh.

D3AC781B-8CB2-43F7-9E01-CB536A496196Smoky black with a pop of citron.

Of course, evening, a Siriano signature…fabulous jet black two with dashes of citron.


And, the Siriano ballgown. I think he dresses more red carpet appearances than all other designers combined….this is why!!!!


Using a palette of mostly pink and red with a dash of citron and white, he fashions understandable, wearable clothes in the tradition of the classic American designers. The plastic handbags carry either a bottle of wine or a hat…why not!


Always wearable garments with a twist, here in neutrals, a trend, with accents of neon color, another trend. Easy tops in bold Royal or sand with colorful shoes and bags along with a bold pattern.  She always shows all the components of her brand, smart marketer. Tory knows her market and always nails it. No drama here.

For drama let’s look at two of the cutting edge designers who always push the boundaries. First…


Fun, youthful, statements….always!


This collection is based on the Disney villains, I’ll leave the reasoning to the designers….my take on the trends are still evident, lots of black, bold neon color and feathers.  Who will be the client…rock stars and their fans, of course.

To be continued……

All photos from Pinterest photo credits unknown.


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