My go to sources, all the time, whether I’m totally home bound or not.  Of course, I watch regular channels such as all PBS channels, HGTV, Food Network, DIY (love Restored!) Ovation, etc., etc., and, of course, Hallmark Christmas Movies!!!

I am not use to doing movie/TV show reviews, (I do love doing book reviews) and will do thumbnails of some I have found of interest especially when we are home bound. I must admit I don’t usually stream entire series with binge watching but have found myself doing so and am having fun with it!  It has become addictive and almost obsessive.  And most importantly a respite from continually watching constant news reports.

The series I finished last night (actually, early this morning!!!!!) and really the reason for this post is The English Game….loved every bit of it.  In a nutshell it is the story of the beginnings of the UK’s Football Association, FA, and it’s transformation from a totally “gentlemen’s” game to become the game for the working class as well to the worldwide phenomenon it has become!  It is not the football we know it,, it would be soccer to us.  The reluctance of the upper classes to relinquish “their sport” to the “masses” and, therefore, become modern, all inclusive and finding the best athletes no matter their social position.  Reading what I just wrote makes this sound rather uninteresting and perhaps a bit boring.  I can assure you it is anything but!  It is the product of the mega-brilliant Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey fame among many other accomplishments), so how can it go wrong…it doesn’t! You may or may not not know I do love sports, I’m the only child of a major “jock” and if I wanted to be with my Father I needed to like sports…and it so happens that football is my favorite.  As a child I went to the Chicago Bears games at Wrigley Field and, of course, still follow them, but I digress.  Back to the series….the actors…excellent, the story…engaging, the sets and costumes…fabulous.  I was unfamiliar with most of the cast except for one that I haven’t seen forever and realized how much I missed him…Anthony Andrews, love him, not a huge part but he plays it well.  The story basically follows two players on the opposing teams, one the “gentleman” who feels it is exclusively their game and they are very, very good and the other is the “working class” man who feels they can equal their “betters”.  We see them in their homes, work and, of course, the playing fields.   No spoilers here, you need to watch this 6 part series.  It is filled with so many levels of society, you see the progress of women becoming independent (the men as well), the pathos of the workers and, I might add, of the so-called gentlemen.  The struggle of social classes in 19th Century England wonderfully discussed.  Do I recommend it…I highly do so.


Anthony Andrews as he appeared in Brideshead Revisited, 1981, and today.

This new found luxury of filling time began with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I am beyond in love with this series, I’ve stopped myself from starting series 3.  It’s like loving a book and not wanting it to end.  It is charming, fun, the characters engaging, the clothes and sets spot on….I could definitely go on and on about it….someone needs to tell me why I waited so long to engage with this fabulous production…definitely superb in all ways.  The Catskills episodes are particularly delightful, spot on and joyful.  If you are celebrating Passover and haven’t watched it now is the time…but then anytime is the time!!

I’ve been watching Murdock Mysteries from the beginning, again love the cast, the period costuming and sets and the unique storylines.  I usually watch it on OVATION but you can find it elsewhere.  This season (they just celebrated their 200th episode!)
wraps up with a two hour finale on March 28th  I don’t binge on this program, but if you aren’t familiar with it you might like to do so.  It’s definitely on my not to miss list.  Filling it’s Saturday time slot is a newer favorite The Frankie Drake Mysteries, all female detective agency….glamour, costuming terrific, delightful plots….add it you won’t be sorry



Here are what I’ll be watching next, in no particular order…..I’ll report back after I watch them.  I’m open to your suggestions….PS, I watch most of these on my iPad…regular TV, of course, on my television.



2 thoughts on “WHAT I’M WATCHING…..

  1. Marcia Buchanan March 25, 2020 / 9:15 pm

    Thanks for the suggestions. We have watched a lot of them, however not all!.We love to binge watch now that we are homebound. work and catching up in the morning, movies one day, book reading the next. Can’t see the news all day especially with all these deaths. Other time we Zoom with our young grandkids and do lessons project with them. Fun.
    However ,do watch Gov.Cuomo in the morning too. He is direct , honest and calming and gives us reports that pertain to all of us. Watched Sanditon and now Poldark. Love that period and the costumes are gorgeous. Guess they were on long ago so much to see and catch up on. Enjoy your binge watching!!!

    • nenasnotes March 26, 2020 / 12:52 am

      Enjoy those you haven’t seen. Neither Sanditon nor Poldark were my cup of tea…never could engage with the characters….however loved the original Poldark. Always welcome your comments…thanks for following me. Stay well and safe during these unsettled times…. 🥂

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