BRIDGERTON the new NETFLIX series.

First of all a confession, I have never, to my knowledge, read a Romance Novel. No Barbara Cartland, no Harlequin, and no Julia Quinn. That statement will, probably need some research, to see exactly what a romance novel really is. In my mind’s eye it is the bodice ripping damsels, shirtless rogues gracing the covers of said books, perhaps I’m wrong! For an example in other genres Louise Penny is often listed in Cozy Mystery round ups…I don’t think of her fabulous books as “cozy” but that’s just me!

Well you might ask why am I doing this post…the answer is I have become addicted to the newseries BRIDGERTON on NETFLIX (FYI this isn’t a sponsored post, I’m not fortunate enough to have sponsors, with the New Year approaching maybe that will change….I live in hope!). I must admit I am totally enjoying it.

Why, for several reasons which I will get into in a minute. Let me begin at the beginning with the first episode. I started watching because I am a major Anglophile and enjoy most English period pieces. The Regency period intrigues me with its manners, clothing, interiors, gardens, etc. again more later. We all know this has been an extremely challenging year and I wasn’t looking forward to Christmas which all of a sudden arrived. I usually go to a new movie on Christmas Day with friends, obviously this wasn’t happening this year but there were lots of choices to watch (read this as what to stream) and I choose BRIDGERTON. Almost immediately I said to myself, “this seems to be a live action romance novel and I seem to be enjoying it!” I needed something pretty to look at, I certainly found that and with “romance” thrown in. Is it a bit silly, sure, does it draw you in, yep, do you want to know how the characters evolve, absolutely. This isn’t WAR AND PEACE, it’s an escapist fantasy.

Now for some of the interiors, not necessary period authentic (think the Kristen Durst Marie Antoinette film, hardly correct but totally delightful).

The costumes identify the characters (that is the point after all!)….the socially established, understatement and soft colors and the nouveau riche, bold color and pattern.

Lots of feathers, fans, fluttering, flirty, fainting…manners, etiquette, duels, balls, court intrigue…marrying well (usually to improve the family’s fortune), gossip, lots of gossip, it has it all. It most certainly isn’t a documentary, just a fun interlude in our current very dismal year. Watch it for the fun of it and perhaps you too might become a Romance Novel convert!

Photos courtesy Pinterest photo credit unknown. Mostly still from NETFLIX.


  1. Marcia Buchanan December 28, 2020 / 4:49 pm

    Oh wow Nena you are absolutely correct about Bridgeton. Escapism and a silly romance film for sure and unfortunately fell asleep watching it! Maybe too much wine at a late hour so will have to rewatch .Does it get better?
    So I have switched to the Spanish Princess which I am loving and got into right away. It’s about Catherine of Aragon and the Spanish -English alliance with a lot sex thrown in too. It’s not a documentary as they say after each episode, however still quite enjoyable! Actually love looking at the jewelry and the dresses they wore during that period and seeing the magnificent pearls were and they were more important than the big 3 gems to indicate power and wealth. Know they are fake though for the film, but they have characterized the period fairly well. I have been taking a jewelry program on pearls from GemX.
    Take a look at the film it if you haven’t seen it.
    Happy New year! 2021 has to be so much better for all of us. 🥂🥂

    • nenasnotes December 28, 2020 / 5:12 pm

      Just fun escapism. No, i haven’t watched the Spanish Princess I’ll put it on my long list. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year to you Marcia.

  2. Abra Wilkin December 28, 2020 / 7:44 pm

    Ditto, I too fell into watching this on a whim because of creator Shonda (“Scandal”) Rhimes and was hooked. Glued to the first couple of episodes and then got confused with flashbacks and who was sleeping with whom. Yes, the settings and costumes are over the top, but there’s often so much wrong with the plot I clicked off but may return or just ask you how it all came out!

    • nenasnotes December 28, 2020 / 8:03 pm

      I’ll let you know……

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