Everything in Chicago is bursting out and I wanted to share some of these beauties with you today…again a post of pictures with few words, unusual for me!!!!  Enjoy.

imageOne of my most favorite trees, we had one in our backyard in Evanston, I loved it…the weeping willow, always one of the first trees to show life that isn’t a flowering tree.  It brings joy to my heart!

imageA grove of weeping willows near a pond, they do love water.  The only photo not taken in several friends yards and an estate.

imageA magnificent old magnolia tree, the blooms last such a short time, but they are glorious!

imageAnother old tree, some kind of fruit tree, sorry don’t know if it is an apple or pear, who cares it is lovely.

imageA dogwood tree, love the graceful shape of this against the sky and neighboring roof line.

imageA weeping redbud tree, gorgeous in all seasons, but I particularly love it now in full bloom and in the summer when you can enjoy the heart shaped leaves.  We had a standard redbud in our Evanston home’s front yard, it was always one of the first to bloom and reminded my Mother of her youth in Missouri, redbud country!

All photos were taken by me with my iPhone.

Three sources I use for plants and trees, not for me but for gifts, (although all have house plants and other gift items), two are local and one is mail order: