From a Dürer Painting.

In the Victorian Language of Flowers Lily Of The Valley means the return of happiness! They most certainly mean that to me. They top my list of favorite flowers closely followed by roses, especially old fashion roses! Yet another blog post in the future….for this post…let’s look at the many aspects of this stunner and enjoy its brief seasonal appearance….Spring! When I was a little girl there was a huge vacant lot near my Rogers Park home filled curb to curb with Lily Of The Valley and wood violets….each spring I would gather arm loads of these glorious blooms and when we moved to Evanston we planted a bed of LOTV the length of our home in a bed about three feet wide….stunning and I can still remember their intoxicating smell!

From one of my most favorite blogs https://www.theglampad.com

“Did you know that in France the First of May is a public holiday, officially known as La Fête du Travail (National Labour Day) but also called La Fête du Muguet (Lily of the Valley Day)? It is an occasion to present Lily of the Valley flowers to loved ones. The French tradition of giving Lily of the Valley on May Day is supposed to have begun on May 1st, 1561, when King Charles IX of France was presented with a bunch of Lily of the Valley flowers as a token of luck and prosperity for the coming year.”

It is tradition to hang a May basket on your front door as well as your neighbors and other friends. I say let’s bring back that tradition….it is charming!!!!

By now you know my Lily of the Valley obsession….it doesn’t stop with objects, oh no it doesn’t…it continues to art, much of which I have shared with you and…..needlepoint, lots of needlepoint. The photo below is a close up of the center of a small rug 2’ x 3’ that I designed and worked from a chart. I prefer working from charts rather than painted pieces, just my preference. I have done both, having created hundreds of pieces over the yesrs. This particular work was done in 1974 (it is signed and dated) and has been a wall hanging, a small area rug and now rests on the back of one of my loveseats.

My Needlepoint Rug, one of several LOTV needlepoint pieces I made.

A few of my LOTV collections….

My breakfront with textured glass shelves and hand gilded interior (took 6 coats of Ralph Lauren gold leaf paint…but was fun to do!) this is a tiny look at the collection, it houses some of my favorite pieces!
A detail of my father’s small chest of drawers, from Paul McCobb, that held his watercolor paints and brushes, that I decoupaged with Lily Of The Valley vintage postcards collected for years at antique shows, flea markets, etc. First I painted the solid maple chest with green paint then antiqued it with flecks of black and gold paint. A nenasnote…my father and mother loved Mid-Century- Modern furniture and our home was all Paul McCobb! In my early teens I started collecting vintage pieces which I live with to this day. This chest, in its redone form, is the only piece left, I gave away all the McCobb pieces!
A vintage book given to me years ago by dear friends.
One of many of my hand-painted plates.
Another of my treasures, an oil painting commissioned by Ruthy, my mother, from British artist Deborah Jones through the Marshall Field’s Art Gallery. It hangs at the head of my painted antique French daybed.

Of course a couple of Fabergé pieces…

Some fashion…. “From his favorite flower, lily of the valley, Dior would make it an essential part of his couture. First there is this dried strand which he sews at the hem of each of his creations. Then there is the lily of the valley which he wears in a buttonhole and the one he offers, every May 1st, to his “little hands” and his biggest customers.” Quote found on Pinterest and, by the way, check out my nenasnotes Pinterest for my Lily Of The Valley board…lots and lots to look at there!! Now some pieces from Dior…

Diorissino 1956 in Baccarat crystal bottle main note Lily Of The Valley
Not vintage…but stunning nonetheless!
Giselle wearing Dior 2016
Front of Dior in Paris in 2020

And some knockouts from Hubert de Givenchy…

Organza cape…
Close up of a Victor Skrebneski photo of a Givenchy dress.

From Monique Lhuillier

Or perhaps some food…..this extraordinary cake and fabulous cookies…

Both photos from Pinterest no photo credit available.

From Carolyne Roehm…..https://www.carolyneroehm.com

Below from her collaboration with https://www.EnchantedHomecom another of my favorite blogs

Or perhaps some papier-mâché….am mad for these, I do have several pieces in my collections!

Or so there is always a tune…..

I could go on and on and on…..but I’ll stop here and let you enjoy the wonderful tradition of May 1st and the promise of its flower!

All photos, other than my collections or cited websites, were found on Pinterest photo credit unknown.