ELLEN STIRLING, owner of The Lake Forest Shop

To say it’s unusual for an independent specialty store to celebrate 100 years in business is truly an understatement….but that is exactly what the charming Lake Forest Shop is doing this month! What is their secret, in my minds eye several things, first it’s owner, the granddaughter of the founder of the business and the incredible personal service she and her staff give their clients. Remember I was in retail for my entire career so I definitely have an opinion on retail survival, wouldn’t you agree! She upholds the tradition of “giving the customer what she wants” in spades.

Inside the Store

I had the privilege, upon my retirement, to work with Ellen and her team on several fashion events…they were incredible to work with, true professionals in every regard. Ellen fills her charming store with merchandise selected for her clients all of whom she knows intimately another key to the success of the store. I would suggest you go on line and read the story of the store as well see more photos, I’ve also included the press release information at the bottom of this post. https://www.lakeforestshop.com

The purpose of this post is to tell you about a very special event, yet another for the Costume Council of the Chicago History Museum, on Thursday, September 29th…I don’t know who is busier The Lake Forest Shop with their celebratory events or the CC with theirs!!!! By the way, the CC will be celebrating their own anniversary in 2024, their 50th! Stay tuned for all the special plans for that celebration. The Shop is known for its philanthropy and hosts many events annually. Here is the invitation for the CC event, for more information please contact Nell McKeown at mckeown@chicagohistory.org.

Meet the Costume Council members who will be modeling that evening…quite the bevy of beauties, I know you agree!


You won’t want to miss this once in every 100 years event…but guess what you have many years to enjoy the personalized service, unique atmosphere, and great selections that are the trademarks of The Lake Forest Shop. Here is more detail information on the centennial http://thelakeforestshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/The-Lake-Forest-Shop-100th-Anniversary-Press-Release.pdf

FYI this is not a paid promotion….I don’t do paid pieces, I just like to give my readers information they will enjoy! Be sure to make your reservation now it will be such a delightful evening!