I have long been a fan of Juniper Books, wow!  The creative owner, Thatcher Wine, has agreed to do my questionnaire and you will be able to read that in an upcoming post.He gets five stars for answering my email immediately.  In today’s Books, Books, Books I wanted to feature a few of his creations. My dream is to have ALL my fashion library done by him. At least the three shelves of Chanel!  Just imagine, it will be sensational.

If you are unaware of this amazing business it is multi-faceted…one area is curating  libraries for individuals another is covering books with amazing themed illustrations, which can be entire walls.  I know purists are saying, really, don’t do that, books should be as they are,  I say, yet again, why not create art in a unique fantastic manner, that is exactly what Juniper Books does.  Selected for the second year in a row for Oprah’s Favorite Things, to quote Oprah “I was so impressed about these exquisite book sets last year, I just had to bring them back”.   I wanted to share some of Nena’s Favorite Things as well….just the tiny tip of the selections.


Located in Boulder, Colorado, isn’t this the way a bookstore should look…you want to go inside to find the treasures, at least I do!

You can do a selection or an entire wall….see all below….Thacher doesn’t advocate covering paperbacks suggests if you have a favorite get it in hard cover.

imageAs a young girl, I was memorized by my Nancy Drew books, I had them all, unfortunately, a hot water heater explosion, in my Evanston home, destroyed all of them…perhaps I should collect again.  They are quite brilliant.  Isn’t this set charming and think for a Holiday gift, perfection!

imageBeing Russian this grouping appealed to me, especially the color, isn’t it fsntastic, love it! The creativity is endless, what fun these creators must have when given their brief for a collection or a subject that is dear to the heart of the collector.


imageI just realized that I haven’t  discussed, in my blog, seeing Hamilton a couple weeks ago, I’ll do that soon, in the meantime, isn’t this astonishing!!!

imageCan you even imagine, oh my goodness, the ultimate of what a library should look like…my oh my…spectacular to say the least.  I can’t wait to hear all Thacher has to tell us…stay tuned.

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