A short post for you today.  A glimpse into one of my collections that actually doesn’t have any rhyme or reason to it other than I like the pieces together.


This arrangement sits on top of a vintage cabinet and rests on an old hand tatted piece of linen.  I collect Battenberg lace but this isn’t one of those pieces.  The alabaster urn* is actually electrified and glows beautifully when lit, it rests on several old leather bound books to give it height.  The floral piece is enameled flowers in a china vase and is by Gorham.  I have had the gold and white Limoges box in front for years, I think I got it at an antique show.  The small vase at the front is hand painted with forget-me-nots and gold leaves, quite charming and I have placed a tiny tussie mussie of gold painted roses in it.  An apricot gourd vessel is by Mottahedeh and purchased when she was in the Store many years ago. All the hand-painted cups and saucers were gifts from a friend in England and are very old and fine china, I’m not good with identifying marks so I can’t tell who did them…Antiques Roadshow here I come! The two exquisite  green and clear cut glass decanters were given to me on “permanent loan” by dear friends…you have seen their divine taste in past posts such as the “plate wall” room from last week.

I guess if I needed to caption this it would be, study in apricot, gold and green. All my walls, with the exception of the bathroom, which is white, are green.  I actually took one of my green enamelware pot lids to Sherwin Williams and had them match the color.  I also did the ceiling in the same color many people would think this would make the room look smaller, I think it does just the opposite. The window sills are a darker forest green. You can see two of my three drapery panels, one is green silk and the other is green velvet.  I have yet a third which is a green cut velvet which doesn’t show up in this photo.  I have tried to group like objects, color, and/or theme together in my home. You will see much more in coming weeks.  How do you display your treasures?

*Purchased at the Randolph Antique Market, the next Market is November 19 and 20 followed by November 26 and 27 and December 10 and 11 do mark your calendars so you can add treasures to your collections and get others as gifts for the Holiday season that is upon us!

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