One of the things I like most about doing this blog is getting to know people, those I have known for years and am finding out new things about and brand new friends that have very interesting stories to share and in many cases have opened their homes, via photos (either mine or theirs) for me to in turn share with you.

I am continuing my posts on Stephanie and Cory Lake with a peek into their incredible home.  As Stephanie has told us they live and work there, the Bonnie Cashin archives live there and it is, of course, home to the extraordinaryly stylish 3 year old, Odette!

As is said, pictures are worth a thousand words…so here are those pictures.

imageA collection of vintage silver in front of one of their paintings.


imageThe sunroom and it’s view…a little something to look forward to after the thaw!!!

imageMugs ready for enteraining.

imageSome of the Lake’s collections.

imageOf course one of my favorite images….book shelves!!!  And, oh, the coffee table isn’t bad either!

imageA small portion of the Bonnie Cashin archives.

imageMore of the archives.

imageA montage of pieces dressed in their holiday finery.

imageOur dear Odette taking a time out from all the Holiday decorating, enrertaining but mostly the dancing!!!!

All photos courtesy of Stephanie Lake.

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