Everyone who reads my blog knows my book obsession, especially fashion and lifestyle books…Here are the ones I added to my library this year (I use Library Thing to catalog all my fashion books, it is brilliant!).  I have reviewed some of them in nenasnotes will do more in 2017.

imageReviewed, one of my favorites of the year..I did a week on Stephanie Lake and Bonnie Cashin.  It will continue to be on my TBR pile for research and pleasure. In addition, it will be the first book for my upcoming Fashion Book Club!                                                                        

imageReviewed, written by the creator Mike Hines, with amazing photography by Doug Human.  I also did a profile post on Mike.

imageReviewed immediately after the exhibition opened, which I also reviewed, superb monograph.

imageReviewed and did a post on Adria J. Cimino.


Reviewed, fantastic book, this will be an ongoing read and reference, it is brilliant!

imageMentioned in one of my early posts but didn’t do a review

imageReviewed, one of the best books I have read about Chanel

imageNot reviewed, on my to be read list

imageA new Christmas gift to be reviewed

imageNot read as yet, to be reviewed

imageOn my TBR pile


imageA birthday gift TBR and reviewed…visually stunning but then all the accompanying texts for the Met Costume Exhibitions are spectacular!  I can’t even imagine how fabulous the upcoming Comme des Garçons exhibition will be! We will have to wait for May.

imageTBR pile

imageA gift that I have been reading will review.  Great photos and story.

imageAnother birthday gift mostly pictures and purchased at the Randolph Street Market, a fun glimpse into the world of millinery!

imageA gift to myself also purchased at the Randolph Street Market, not read as yet

imageA new, actually a vintage book,  received as a gift for Christmas.  I love all of Fleur Cowles work including her Flair yearbook as well as her Flair magazines.  The cover of this book features Tiger Flower, I actually did a needlepoint pillow with this image.  I worked with her when she came to Saks on a book tour.

I think there are a couple more, rather a short grouping this year…I’ll have to make up for it in 2017!

My Independent Bookseller of choice:




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