imageThe Ivon footstool collection.

I do love my collections…some are very large, think my books…some are very small such as my footstools.  I have no idea why I have 6 footstools in my minuscule apartment but I do!  Three are needlepointed with beads, one is all over beadwork, probably my favorite.  One is a leopard print and two are wool needlepoint, one of which I did and one was given to me.

imageMy favorite all over beaded in mint condition purchased years ago at the Randolph Street Market. The next market is Saturday and Sunday, January 28 and 29 from 10 to 5.  See what you can find to add to your collections or start a new one.

imageA close up of the beadwork…I am obsessed with it!

While doing research for nenasnotes I found an interesting piece on the history of footstools, is there anything you can’t GOOGLE???!!!  I think not, at least I have found that to be so!  They actually began in Egyptian times (what didn’t!) and were some of the first pieces of furniture manufactured by the Egyptians. While I found that interesting I collect vintage Victorian objects, not Egyptian.

A quote from the piece from

“Regency and Victorian:  Antique footstools from the early 1800s Regency period consist of feet and frames with brass inlays.  Later, in the Victorian era, drawing rooms, where guests gathered after dinner, boasted fancy braided and tasseled-styled footstools. Footstool covers adorned with embroidery were introduced at this time and are valued today by collectors.”

imageThe top of one of the footstools which is mounted on a raised brass base and it is the one my feet rest upon while I’m sitting in my cozy chair reading, listening to music or watching television.  A gift from friends, not my work.

imageA close up of one of the bead and wool needlepoint tops, what I love about this piece is the areas of uncovered mesh.  the base is trimmed in a tapestry tape.

imageAnother beaded, a bit more heavily than the one above, and wool piece…do you think I favor roses on my footstools…yes, yes, I do!

imageMy newest acquisition is an oval leopard fabric stool on wooden pillow feet also purchased at the Randolph Street Market a major find at $25.00!  Needless to say, I immediately grabbed it!  It resides by the legs of my dining table.

imageI collect, as you now know from previous posts, lily of the valley.  Mom collected violet memorabilia.  I did this piece for her many years ago as a pillow and it now tops a footstool next to my bed.  I designed the piece and did it from a chart my preferred way to needlepoint (rather than painted or tramé).  I also have a needlepoint violet bellpull, one never knows when one might require “staff” to bring the tea into the drawing room! Much more on my needlework in future posts.


  1. Tom Mantel January 19, 2017 / 11:52 pm

    So much to learn about footstools!

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