Sally Schwartz in her living room seated in front of her collection of vintage smoking lighters and her library.

It isn’t a surprise that this dynamo has such an eclectic collection of objects gathered over the years.  Every room (I have just touched upon a fraction of the collections) is filled magnificently with treasures.  The house itself is multi levels and each one is chocked full of delights. You can be sure we will revisit Sally and Reid’s home in future posts…stay tuned!!!

A close up of some of the collection.

Quote from Sally….”Smoking cigarettes and cigars were a big part of the glamorous life of entertaining, my grandparents had lots of parties and there were these big bold beautiful cigarette table lighters throughout their home. I was always fascinated with these and loved watching the ladies with long pretty polished nails getting their cigs lit by these ornate pieces. When my grandparents died and we got to pick objects we wanted, I just had to have the lighters. Obviously, cigarettes are horrid and lots of my grandparents and parents friends died from smoking these but to me, they remind me of a sparkling and elegant time.”  Nena’s note…Each is a work of art unto itself and yes, they were part of what we thought was glamorous and sophisticated at the time, in fact I used long cigarette holders with cigarettes as props for the evening gowns in many of my early fashion shows…if only we had known what horrors rhey would inflict!

Another view of the living room.

A entirely different look in the Dining Room with more treasures collected by Sally.

Another view of the dining room.

Art in the kitchen.

Sally’s quote…”Reid started playing guitar as a kid and it was a huge deal when his parents bought him his first guitar. His was one of the first bands to have music videos on MTV. He read up on which guitars his idols (T Rex, John Lennon, Jimmy Page, Jimmi Hendrix) liked and when he could afford to start buying guitars, he quickly developed a habit and guitar collecting has become his passion along with collecting high-grade vintage audio components.” Nena’s note…what an amazing collection and I am mad for the way Reid has displayed his collection, perfection on many levels!

All photographs courtesy Sally Schwartz, photographer M Lindsay Photography




  1. Annette February 23, 2017 / 11:44 am

    Love the guitar collection! Not to mention the amps too. Looks like a mini Guitar Exchange!

    • nenasnotes February 23, 2017 / 12:27 pm

      And I only featured a portion of both collections. They are quite amazing aren’t they!

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