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Shauna Michels Montgomery was always a hit on the runway as well as off “stage”, she always had a bon mot, she not only looks the same (what is her secret!!??) but has kept her wonderfully charming personality.  She was a joy to work with and a joy to know.  Here, briefly, is her story of her modeling career and her life now.

“My professional career as a runway model began when I met Ms. Nena Ivon and was hired as a model for Saks Fifth Avenue.

I can remember vividly looking at the door marked, NENA IVON, FASHION DIRECTOR. With hands shaking and knees quivering I knocked on her door. Out walked a woman with high stature. Ms. Nena Ivon was elegantly tall, model thin dressed in black with posture that could make a flamingo faint. Not an inkling of a smile upon her face. I stammered to introduce myself and felt diarrhea pains coming on. I finally presented my portfolio and low and behold Ms. Ivon hired me!

Through Nena, I learned all the tricks of the trade…  how to pack a professional shoe bag, put my hair in the perfect chignon and how to apply professional make-up. Above all, I learned how to master the “perfect” runway walk and pivot!

Jeanouche and Shaua in action on the runway.

Nena’s note…Shauna and I were reflecting on our fashion career together and both of us chose the same anecdote to share…We were doing a fashion show at the Saddle and Cycle Club in Chicago, a small show, I think I was using 4 models and showing fall garments.  My Mother, Ruth Ivon, after she retired, was always one of my dressers and I might add one of my better ones…all the models loved her!  She was dressing Shauna who was doing a quick change from a very deep funnel turtleneck sweater and she got stuck in the neck and couldn’t get it over her head.  I’m sure many of us have gotten fits of laughter in our lives, this made it all the more difficult to extract her..all I can say is that she didn’t make her run on time…obviously! Ruth, another of the models and myself got her out of it.  Way too much fun (but not at the time!)

By having the fabulous, famous fashion icon’s approval, my modeling career flourished. I began working with Saks Fifth Avenue notorious fashion designers:  Halston, Calvin Klein, Norell, Oscar de la Renta, Norma Kamali and Perry Ellis to name a few. I also spread my wings and modeled internationally in Munich, Germany and Barcelona, Spain.

Currently, I am a radio show co-host of The Girlfriends, a weekly podcast that inspires and empowers women.  Check us out at,

imageShauna, Nena, and Shelley for a taping of a The Girlfriends podcast.

Also, I am a philanthropist who co-chairs local civic and social events to support an array of organizations from Lurie’s Children’s Hospital, The Joffrey Ballet to The Garfield Park Conservatory. A favorite event I produced was Fleurotica, a fashion runway show where all the dresses were made out of fresh flowers! Other passions include interior design and fitness. 2013

I’m the wife of a top trial litigator and mother of two beautiful children, Knox and Meredith.

I somehow, manage to balance it all. My sister, Shelley MacArthur has called me “the Martha Stewart of the Midwest”… that is, without the jail cell.

A few other things Shelley says about me,

“Shauna is creative with incredible taste in clothes and décor.  Putting on an event, you want her to be at the helm and if you’re putting on a show you want her to be in the audience!  If you’re putting on a party you want her to be on the guest list.

Shauna has a knack for changing the air in any room she walks into. Direct, energetic and optimistic, she is the life of any event she graces or produces. This is a woman who knows how to get any job done with panache.

And finally, Shauna, an avid fitness fanatic, manages to balances it all. Somewhat of a conundrum, she’s an earthy and irreverent working girl trapped in the body of a Princess.”

Nena’s note…the Michels Sisters are quite a team, and more supportive sisters, who are the best of friends, you will not find. Be sure to refer to Shelley’s post that I did earlier on nenasnotes.


All photos courtesy of Shauna Michels Montgomery.




  1. Shirley Michels March 8, 2017 / 8:30 pm

    Such a wonderful article about my daughter, Shauna,you made me so proud! My girls, Shelley and Shauna have brought me so much happiness!!

    • nenasnotes March 8, 2017 / 8:50 pm

      And you have given them happiness always Shirley!!

  2. Karen Ryan August 1, 2017 / 7:46 pm

    Again, pardon the tardiness of this reply … Shauna is the best. No one loves and lives life better … you go girl! Thanks Nena!

    • nenasnotes August 1, 2017 / 8:05 pm

      That is for sure….but then all of you were and ARE the best!!!!

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