I do know The Fountainhead isn’t a current read but I was inspired by yesterday’s post on Jamie Hayes and her love of architecture so I started thinking about novels on architecture and the one that immediately popped into mind was The Fountainhead.  I was a little girl when it was first published but did become totally obsessed with Ayn Rand in high school.  I have always been a reader and have always thought of myself as a non-conformist, an individual with a mind of her own (I’m sure I won’t have any arguments from anyone who knows me!) so Rand’s writing intrigued me and I devoured that book as well as one of my all time favorites Atlas Shrugged.  That was until I started reading about her philosophy and lifestyle which I found quite strange (still do). I’m sure all my readers have read both books so I don’t need to go into great length about them.  I did find The Fountainhead’s exploration of buildings and an architect’s life fascinating (blowing up your creation, that is yet another thought altogether!!).  Being a native Chicagoan architecture is second nature to me.  Residing in a living sculpture (a city of unique buildings where the skyscraper began) has always excited me.  Do I love them all, of course not, but having the best of the best of so many eras is thrilling!


The second novel I really, really loved was Loving Frank, (again not a new release) a great read and one of those that I didn’t want to end,   It is, in my opinion, a well written and thoroughly researched fictionalized account of Frank Lloyd Wright, I love an artfully crafted novel and this is one.  We are so fortunate to have so many local examples of his work. By now, you know I love historical fiction particularly when it is about real people.  Certainly, the author can fantasize about the details while still keeping to actual events..  For some unknown reason, I like these stories more than biographies.

I always gave a book on Chicago architecture as a welcome gift to all our visiting designers. there are so many magnificent photo essays on our City and I always wanted to share our unique personality with our guests.

Your turn…any novels about architects or architecture you want to share!!??  Please do so in comments, I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Karen Ryan March 14, 2017 / 4:44 pm

    Two great books. Nice job, Nena!

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